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Alisa Rajput - Social Media Sensation

From being an amazing sister to winning millions of hearts across the country, Alisha Rajput AKA Chitra Singh has accomplished so much. The 26-year-old social media sensation has gained immense popularity pan India with her impeccable talent in front of the camera. 

Alisha always wanted to become a content creator. She had a knack for acting, shayaris, and mild modeling. She was being an ordinary gorgeous face on Instagram, which got an extraordinary response from the audience. This made her wonder and try newer things with better fashion and quality that were improving constantly. 

TikTok was a mere experiment for Alisha Rajput. She was doing what she loved the most, creating content. But it doesn’t end there, apart from making amazing content Alisha was also much aware of the taste of her audience. She focused more on ‘shayaris’ that resonated with people in Raipur. The determined social media creator went on to become the biggest influencer of Raipur with 2.2 million followers on Instagram. She also had 7 million active followers on TikTok, the biggest video platform that existed globally. 

Despite all the fame that she has received from people on the internet, Alisha has been very humble and down-to-earth. She is not hesitant to interact with her fans and is in fact eager to go for meet-ups and meet and greets. She is a strong believer in the mantra - Success comes because of people and stays because of people. On this social media influencer journey of Alisha, she has explored amazing people, friends, and fans that she is grateful for. 

Lately, her content has involved traveling, BTS, collaborations, dance, and even comedy. But Shayaris continue to overpower her other interests. Today, alisharajput_22 is the biggest Shayari account in India. What we can greatly admire is her skill to understand what the audience likes and delivering the same. 

Alisha shares most of her cherished moments over her YouTube channel where she is about to achieve 100,000 subscribers. If the audience wishes to know the private side of Alisha and what she does on a daily basis then YouTube is the place to be. Her travel vlogs are bringing in different flavors which are rare to see from Indian creators. 

The Raipur-born sensation has made social media her full-time passion and profession. Along with the audience, she has also grabbed the attention of renowned brands like Head & Shoulders, Boat, TVF, Upstox Gold and the list goes on. It won’t be much to say that Alisha is on the path to becoming a much bigger internet and social media personality than she already is. 

When asked about her ambitions at multiple forums, platforms, and social media, Alisha spoke about how proud she was about coming up as an influencer from one of the small town corners of the country. She feels that this will empower girls from small towns to try out social media which is the largest medium globally to perform and showcase what they can do. Alisha wants to continue growing and amusing her audience so that she can reach more people and empower more small-town girls to do wonders. 


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